Together we will guide you to your driver's license.

We are happy to prepare you safely for road traffic or train you in other driving license classes. You will be accompanied by our motivated driving instructors with many years of experience, the latest technology and the vehicles. Our team will anwer any question you might have. Just give us a call or drop by our driving schools in Freising, Zolling or Hallbergmoos so that we can get to know each other personally.

Simon Kydd

Simon has been running our driving school since April 2019. He has always been a Jack of all trades. He helps wherever he can and puts in a 6 o'clock morning or Saturday shift for his learner drivers, so that they can go into the exam with the best preparation. For his learner drivers he is a friend and sometimes a pastor. Outside of the driving school you will meet him as a football fan and enthusiastic motorcyclist.

Favorite theory lesson: stopping and parking
Favorite vehicle: Ducati S4V Streetfighter

Sascha Rauscher

Sascha instructs the theory lessons in Hallbergmoos. He is very structured and consistent. That's why he likes to sit in the car with his learner drivers for a few minutes longer, until the knowledge sits and everything is understood. In addition, Sascha always puts you in a good mood.

Favorite theory lesson: Right of way
Favorite vehicle: Audi A3

Angi Kollmann

Bald haben wir Zuwachs: Wir freuen uns, Angi im Team begrüßen zu dürfen. Sie ist in jeder Hinsicht geduldig und emphatisch und sowohl wir, als auch unsere Schüler können sich auf die flexible junge Fahrlehrerin verlassen, denn wenn die Hütte brennt, steht Angi sofort auf der Matte.

Lieblingstheoriestunde: lebenslanges Lernen
Lieblingsgefährt: alles auf 4 Rädern

Andreas Baumer

Andreas is our latest addition. He has been supporting us since the beginning of the year and brings many years of experience as a B driving instructor to the team. He is calm, organized and patient and works for our students during the week until late at night. Andreas also takes over theory classes on Monday and Wednesday in Freising.

Favorite theory lesson: legal framework
Favorite vehicle: everything that brings him to the destination

Elli Zieger-Turan

Elli begleitet uns seit September 2020. Sie hat viel Erfahrung als Fahrlehrerin und lehrt die Grundlagen des Autofahrens ruhig, gelassen und souverän. Ob sicherer Fahrer oder Angstschüler, Elli bringt jeden Schüler ans Ziel. Wir freuen uns sie im Team begrüßen zu dürfen.

Lieblingstheoriestunde: alle
Lieblingsgefährt: Ihr Cabrio

Chris Kydd

Chris founded our driving school in 1993 and teaches theory lessons in Zolling. He has all training certificates and has already been a driving instructor at the Bundeswehr. He prefers to do motorcycle training because he is a passionate motorcyclist himself. He always keeps an overview, lends a hand wherever he can and never lets anyone down.

Favorite theory lesson: all
Favorite vehicles: BMW 1250 GS and VW Bulli

Peter Wachtel

Peter can't be put out of countenance,because thanks to his experience he has seen and experienced a lot. He is very stress-resistant and usually has a joke on his lips. Many parents of his current learner drivers have already obtained a driver's license from him.

Favorite theory lesson: Alcoholism
Favorite vehicle: BMW

Tanja Dichtl

Tanja is our resting force. She has a lot of desk experience, which is why she has been taking over the bureaucracy since October 2019 and keeps the paperwork from our neck as best we can.

Favorite theory lesson: behavior in special situations
Favorite vehicle: her bus

We want you!

Are you an enthusiastic driving instructor and are you looking for a new, fun and reliable team? Then apply with us and tell us about your favorite theory lesson, your favorite vehicle and your driving licenses.

Are you not yet a driving instructor but would like to become one? We are a recognized training driving school and also train new driving instructors.

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Monday and Wednesday
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Theory class starting 6:30 pm


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Theory class starting 6:30 pm


Tuesday and Thursday
6 pm – 8 pm

Theory class starting 6:30 pm